• Quality and passion in the world of trading

  • Quality and passion in the world of trading

  • Quality and passion in the world of trading

Import-Export in Italy and Abroad

iTrade is an import-export company, established in December 2012, with the intention of developing a 360-degree approach to trading. The firm focuses not just on the purchase and resale of raw materials and business units, but also on market research.

A Firm with Young Entrepreneurs

What sets iTrade apart is the young age of its entrepreneurs, because of which we are able to offer our customers a dynamic and expanding trade. iTrade tenders a range of services, from wholesale trade and retail services, to import-export operations, acquisition of new businesses, sale of business units and buying of majority equity-level packages.
una gru solleva un container blu
una gru che sta per sollevare un container rosso

Toy Industry

iTrade operates mostly in the toy industry. Our professionalism and expertise ensure that we are present in the foreground on a commercial and national level, while also dealing with foreign contacts and partnerships across Italian borders. In recent months we have also been associated with the Preziosi Group, an Italian leader in the children's play area.

Quality Certifications

One of iTrade’s key strengths is the quality of its products. In fact, we have been awarded quality certifications from the best institutes in the field throughout the country. As a result, we are able to offer our freight customers, products and raw materials certified to be at the highest level of quality standards, with the guarantee of an excellent quality at a reasonable price. iTrade regularly invests a part of its human and financial resources towards promoting technological advancement in its business. This ensures significant reduction in production costs, and subsequent optimization of the final selling price for customers.
una gru solleva un container arancione

For more information about our business, send us an email on info@itradesrl.com

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