Polymers and Paper

Another key sector iTrade business deals in is polymers and paper . These plants come from the hinterland of Caserta. The processing of polymers provides for the use of recyclable and non-toxic materials, thus preserving man and environment at the same time. 

Stationery Items

From folders to plastic containers, through ring binders and document: this and much more is part of the paper industry that iTrade offers services to Italian and international level, importing and exporting only products of the highest quality certified. In addition this company sells only inconsequential materials for human health and nature, such as polypropylene and cardboard, with which you carry articles for the school and for the office created with the highest quality standards and compliance with the regulations.
Degli scatoloni in un magazzino coperto
pila di fogli di carta

Other Items Sold

Among other items in the polymers industry, we also market spirals of different diameters, signage and packaging exhibitors, as well as displays and containers of all shapes and sizes.

Graphic Customization

iTrade works with the latest-generation machines, which enables customization for any type and size of printing. Thanks to modern technology, we are capable of reproducing logos and brands on any type of cardboard and plastic polymer.
rullo di carta in magazzino

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