Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs 
in Italy and Abroad

iTrade is a young import-export company formed by dynamic entrepreneurs. Despite their youth, they have considerable experience in the sales of goods and products at a national and international level.

Constant Evolution

iTrade is a company that is constantly geared towards evolution. There is an incessant focus on analyzing the market and identifying areas for possible financial and economic expansion. This outlook is what makes iTrade growth oriented and successful.
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Meticulousness and Resourcefulness

Our team is not only known for their young entrepreneurial spirit, but also for their meticulousness and ingenuity. Their 360 degree approach towards conducting trade and economic transactions ensures the highest levels of quality for our customers.

Company Philosophy

The fact that these young Italian entrepreneurs have themselves invested their economic resources within the company, goes to show that they truly believe in this project. Their commitment manifests as a remarkable physical and mental energy towards achieving business goals and corporate philosophy. 

On this note, we would like to highlight the three pillars of iTrade’s corporate philosophy:
• Analysis
• Design
• Development
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To know more about our import and export trade, you can write to us on  info@itradesrl.com

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